Wednesday, August 6, 2008

But they were on sale...

We're on a super "let's get organized financially" kick right now, and are trying this amazing new website that's like an online version of Quicken except much prettier and fun. It's soooo easy to set a budget, track expenses by category and i'm now super obsessed with our cash vs. credit card 
debt. The best part is that they create tons of random graphs and charts for you so you can see exactly what percentage of your income you spend on things like "Entertainment" and "Dining and Restaurants". 

So what's the most interesting 'trend' i've discovered?
Ummmmm.... crap. I guess we just like food. Or as nate would say
 "I could've saved more but i ran out of money."

(Just in case you live outside SoCal, Ralphs is our version of Publix. Just in case you live outside SoFla, Publix is a grocery store)


jamie said...

I'm so bummed that my bank won't let me try this. I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you...

Ralphs though? Seriously? I was sure it would be Whole Foods!

Amy A, I mean L said...

I love Ralphs too. And there is nothing wrong with buying food. Especially when you are buying the ingredients to make the brownie/ raw cookie dough dish!