Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time to move to Miami

We had an earthquake yesterday. We are totally definitely OK. But man was it scary. My office -------------->  is conveniently located just west of the 405 freeway (about 3 miles north of the 101) and as you can see on this nifty map, we got 'moderate' shaking, unlike all the 'light' shaking areas in our immediate vicinity... Not fair! Luckily, Nate and our house (and cats) were in the 'light' shaking zones so no damage, no harm. Even scarier than the actual 20 seconds of rolling during the earthquake, was the zero cell phone and land line service immediately afterward. All calls failed. Yikes. The one thing still working? The internets! Whoo-hoo. I im-ed nate and my dad (who basically said "Time to move to Miami!") and all was OK. All i can say is, we're certainly NOT moving to Chino Hills anytime soon.

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