Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long time no blog

It's been more than two years since our last blog post. That's not such a long time right? Except it is, at least in our world. 

We sold our condo in Santa Monica, had a baby, quit our jobs, moved to Chicago, bought a new car and.... turned 30! Gulp. But things are good, really good.  I miss work, sometimes, and we miss our friends and the weather in California, but we pretty much love our new life in Chicago. 

Living in the city has been amazing. We walk everywhere. Calvin and i have made so many new friends. We do lots of really cool things every day. We like our neighbors. We like our neighborhood. We like our apartment. Even the cats are happier here! 

So now that we're settled in, I'm coming off hiatus for real. I'll post what i can when i can and go from there. It's good to be back :)

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