Thursday, October 23, 2008

Illegal phone usage

There is now a law in California that you cannot use your cellphone while driving unless you have a hands-free device of some kind. The law went into effect over the summer and for the most part people seem to be complying. And when they don't, it's really easy to pick them out on the road, since they are always the car that's going as slow as a snail. Well today i found myself going as slow as a snail on the 405 (one of LA's major freeways), but not because i was talking on my cell phone... no, i was stuck in a traffic jam, so i decided to take this picture: 

This is the "After" picture of a fire that started at 1 am this morning in the hills that the 405 passes through (known as the Sepulveda pass).  Those little yellow things that are crawling all over the hillside are firefighters! 

Now for the "Before" picture (taken by news people i assume, as i was safely sleeping at home when the fire started):

Um, gulp. Yes, that is the very same hillside i drove past this morning... pretty scary stuff. Thank goodness we have amazing firefighters who were able to put the fire out by the time i had to commute. They even managed to keep the fire contained so that no homes or business were damaged, and even more importantly, no people were hurt. My hats off to you LAFD!   

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Jamie said...

I'm always so impressed with firemen. And women. Firewomen too...