Sunday, July 13, 2008

I don't need luck, I have love

Let me tell you a love story: Boy likes girl, girl resists boy at first cause he's kinda dangerous, but then eventually they fall in love and everything is great. Until they stop for ice cream one night and the girl gets hit by a truck.... and dies. Pretty sad right? Except this isn't your typical love story, THIS is the plot of a movie called Love Story 2050. 

Think Bollywood meets Captain Eo (yes, the michael jackson movie from Epcot) + Star wars/5th Element + Romeo and Juliet + a cameo by Mark Twain + the reappearance of Dot Matrix from Spaceballs and a live action Teddy Rupskin (with a blue mohawk) and that's the movie I'm talking about. 

We drove 45 minutes to Norwalk (i don't know where that is either) to watch a 9:45 screening, thinking that LS2050 would obviously be sold out (because apparently Norwalk is very close to the center of the LA-area Indian universe). Turns out, since no one bought a ticket, the theater decided not to screen the movie at all. Disappointed, we were pulling out of our parking spot when a theater worker stopped us. Since we were all willing to pay $10 each to see it (this at a theater where all the other movies were selling for $2.75), they thought they might as well screen it for us...we did drive all the way from LA and everything...Un-huh.
Regardless, we basically got our own private screening room, which turned out to be a huge blessing since the movie is 3 hours long, and we ended up doing alot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 chatting the whole time (both because the movie was awesome and we did not want to fall asleep). We would officially like to thank Jeeves for telling us about this movie in the first place, and both Jeremy and Aileen for actually being on board with all of us going to see it together. 


jeremy said...

greatest movie ever!

Reed said...

The plot sounds like a country song.. I'm glad it works on film, and that you got the chance to see it!